Juvenile Delinquent: Trouble maker sent to military school

Psychopaths tend to exhibit delinquent behaviors in their youth, including aggressive behaviors towards others.

Trump was a troublemaker in school and was sent to military academy after his parents got sick and tired of his antics.

From This is where Trump learned to follow the rules

Before military school, Trump was famous for breaking the rules. Long before buildings would be named after him, schoolmates used the Trump name as shorthand for getting into trouble.

Trump and grade school classmate Paul Onish got into trouble together constantly — talking out of turn during class, passing notes and throwing spitballs.

“We used to refer to our detention as a ‘DT’ — a ‘Donny Trump’ — because he got more of them than most other people in the class,” said Paul Onish, one of Trump’s grade school classmates.

Trump’s military school education began in 1959.

He was a 13-year-old with a history of trouble at school, and his father, Fred Trump, a prominent New York real estate developer, sent him to the academy to be straightened out.

“As an adolescent, I was mostly interested in creating mischief,” Donald Trump wrote in “The Art of the Deal.”

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